Sunday, 11 August 2013

Post-Exams To-Do-List

...because fuck it I'm not studying anyway. 

Exam on Wednesday and I am alternating between epic freak out sessions and periods of immense calm where I sit and youtube every possible Charlie Hunnam interview in existence.


Decided to make a to-do list because there are like ten thousand things I want to do RIGHT NOW (probably because I have to study and I don't want to study and I want to do all these procrastinate-y things RIGHT NOW)

So yes.

Vidya's Post-Exam To-Do List :

(I really do hope I pass this time around or I swear to God I will just dig a hole ten feet deep and crawl into it and bawl my eyes out until the end of time. that does not involve me burying myself alive ok)

Ok ok I'll stop digressing.

*cough*without studying because but yeah ok anyway*cough*


1. Write a long, spoilery review about Pacific Rim. Because I may or may not have a decidedly unhealthy obsession with the movie and Charlie Hunnam and Rob Kazinsky. Nope.
And yes yes I know by the time I actually get around to it the movie will probably no longer be playing in any cinemas anywhere BUT I WANT TO WRITE A REVIEW AND WAX ABOUT ALL MY FEELINGS ABOUT THIS MOVIE OK SO I WILL.

2. Write sappy Chuck and Raleigh (Chaleigh?) fanfiction. And none of you can stop me.

3. Watch Sons Of Anarchy. Because Charlie Hunnam. And attempt Queer as Folk. Because bb!Charlie Hunnam.
Rob, bb, I love you more, but nothing on this planet will ever make me watch Eastenders or True Blood. Sorry. 

4. Catch up with Qubool Hai! I actually haven't watched it in over a month because I didn't want to get all caught up in my feelings and be unable to study. ...but then Pacific Rim happened and shot that all to hell, so.

5. BAKE. DO YOU KNOW HOW LONG IT HAS BEEN SINCE I BAKED ANYTHING. I miss it. Also just realized I'm one of those people who do stress-baking. Stressed out? Bake a cake. Eat it. Goodbye stress.
(this explains why I can never lose weight ok)

6. Play the piano again. Okay so I've been promising myself I'd do this at the end of every semester but this time I'm going to do it for real okay. I've sorely missed my music. 

7. Take a roadtrip with these four amazing peoples. *fingers crossed* I've put my earlier (earlier-in-the-year) dreams of taking an overseas trip away in some dark dusty corner okay so I can have this one roadtrip ok please. I can have this one thing before we have to start working.

8. Finally give Jea Mie her bedazzled red toilet seat.

9. Make fanmixes. For Chuck Hansen. And for Chuck and Raleigh. And for Chuck and Herc. And for all my Pacific Rim babies basically.

10. Sleep in. Every single day until I start working.

11. Write everyday. For practice. I've sorely missed writing as well. Thank you medschool for taking that away from me.

Pretty sure there's a list of movies I wanted to watch. Let me see..

12. Movie List :
   - Serendipity (yes I'm about 128132781237 years too late, sue me)
   - Silver Linings Playbook
   - Barfi
   - Lootera 
   - Pacific Rim again, whenever there's a HD copy out
   - The Mortal Instruments

Can't think of any more right now.

And. that is pretty much it.
I probably had more things that I wanted to do, but I honestly can't remember any of them right now.

Back to studying it is, then.
Rheumato. Bleargh.

Pray for me my dears.
I really do need to just finish medschool.


p.s. I will reply everyone's emails after Thursday ok? Presuming I pass. I love you alllll :3



  1. You have to let me watch Pacific Rim first before you write that review. Didn't get around to it yet. But I have to. Ashida Maaaanaaaaa, here I come! :-D (Sadly, she only has a small part.)

    Wednesday, okay? Wow, where has the time gone? Weird. I'll pray for you!