Saturday, 11 January 2014

Happy New Year!

I'm about 10 days too late, but whatever.

Happy New Year!

SO glad 2013 is over.
Let's leave it at that. 

So. Just realized I haven't updated this in like, forever.
Haven't updated since I started working.
How's everyone doing?
(hint : this is my not so subtle way of asking - does anyone still read this blog or have you all given up on me and my lack of commitment to blogging?)


Work is.. quite frankly, insane.
I've started work at a university hospital (name not provided in case I ever accidentally bitch about something ...I don't want my ass hauled to court -.- Gotta watch what you say on the internet, yo)

Started with Internal Medicine, because I am a masochist.

I felt completely useless when I first started - could hardly take blood, or set lines, or do anything, basically.
God bless my first MO. Man had the patience of a saint and a personality that could put sunshine to shame.
I am not even kidding.
So lucky to have had him there while I was still finding my footing.
I've definitely improved a lot since then, thank goodness.
I've worked with three MOs and three Registrars (and two specialists!) so far, and they've all been equally amazing. So thankful they're patient and willing to teach.
I definitely wouldn't have improved as much if I'd had people scold/be mean whenever I messed up.

On-calls are a whole different horror story.
When I first started, we only had two housemen on-call per night - to cover 7 wards, and the CCU/CRW and HDW (Coronary Care Unit, Cardiac Rehab Ward and High Dependency Ward)...and yes, that is as crazy as it sounds.
We also don't have the shift-system that most other hospitals have, simply because we don't have enough housemen, so we still do on-calls.
[Sunday-Thursday calls are 36 hours, and Friday and Saturday calls are 24 hours.]
Also, while "post-call" is a good enough excuse for saying stupid things or being unable to answer when your boss asks you theoretical questions, it apparently doesn't warrant you going home early.
And we don't get post-call off days either.
E.g. if I'm on-call Sunday through Monday, then I work again on Tuesday as normal.

We've collectively agreed that thanks to how insane the system, it would be better to have three housemen on-call per night. So that's exactly what we're doing.
Only drawback is now we have two on-calls per week instead of just one.

Oh well.

The funny thing is, I actually seem to be happy.

I've had people ask me how I seem so happy all the time.
I've had people tell me I'm one of the friendliest people they've ever met.
I know my patients do like me.

This is a faaaaar cry from when I was in school/college/med school, where I seemed "arrogant and unapproachable"
So I suppose I must be happy where I am right now.

What was that saying?
I may not have gone where I meant to go, but I seem to have ended up exactly where I'm meant to be?


As you can probably tell, I'm half asleep and very distracted.
I will write a proper post the next time I blog, I promise.

Source of distraction :


Not looking forward to working tomorrow.
(yes I work on Sundays)
Going to a new ward - subspecialty, Haematology (all the blood stuff) - "daily difficult blood taking", as one of my friends so eloquently pointed out.



Okay, goodnight.


Tuesday, 15 October 2013


So what do you do when your sort-of-but-not-really-boyfriend-type-person decides to disappear for awhile and let you miss the hell out of himthemhim? 
You blog.

Look at that.
I didn't blog in September. At all.

Not sure whether I'm planning to stop blogging for good.
I meaaaaant to blog over the holidays, but I kind of just spent that eating and sleeping. Didn't even bother catching up on my shows/movies or going out with people either.
Just literally.

And a bit of writing here and there.
(nak bajet author kan)

And now I am sorely regretting doing that because. well. I have exactly 5 days before my holidays ends.


More nervous than excited right now, but I'll get over it and be properly excited eventually.
Also more nervous than excited because I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to cope with my back problem.
Because guess what I found out over the holidays?
I have a slipped disc!

*waves flag*

Yeah anyway, that's a story for another time.

I just wanted to blog before starting work, 
and I have been putting it off for the past three weeks and finally today I decided that if I didn't, then I probably never would.

And it's 2.effing.thirty in the am, and I am sleep-deprived and incoherent (I swear my meds make me feel and sound drunk half the time), 
so I'm gonna hit the sack.

And to make up for disappearing for so long, 


Random (not really) youtube video.

Because after all these months, it's still effing hilarious.



Saturday, 17 August 2013


I was going to write a long post about this. Yesterday.

Oh well.
I should be sleeping right now, but I just wanted to write this here :
Our results were out yesterday.
I passed.
I'm officially done with medical school.

Just so incredibly relieved right now.
but relieved.

And a huge thank you to all of you who have sent me love and support all the way from across the seas these past six months.
I may not know some of you in real life, but thank you so much for caring about me.
You're all amazing, and I love you. Truly.



Sunday, 11 August 2013

Post-Exams To-Do-List

...because fuck it I'm not studying anyway. 

Exam on Wednesday and I am alternating between epic freak out sessions and periods of immense calm where I sit and youtube every possible Charlie Hunnam interview in existence.


Decided to make a to-do list because there are like ten thousand things I want to do RIGHT NOW (probably because I have to study and I don't want to study and I want to do all these procrastinate-y things RIGHT NOW)

So yes.

Vidya's Post-Exam To-Do List :

(I really do hope I pass this time around or I swear to God I will just dig a hole ten feet deep and crawl into it and bawl my eyes out until the end of time. that does not involve me burying myself alive ok)

Ok ok I'll stop digressing.

*cough*without studying because but yeah ok anyway*cough*


1. Write a long, spoilery review about Pacific Rim. Because I may or may not have a decidedly unhealthy obsession with the movie and Charlie Hunnam and Rob Kazinsky. Nope.
And yes yes I know by the time I actually get around to it the movie will probably no longer be playing in any cinemas anywhere BUT I WANT TO WRITE A REVIEW AND WAX ABOUT ALL MY FEELINGS ABOUT THIS MOVIE OK SO I WILL.

2. Write sappy Chuck and Raleigh (Chaleigh?) fanfiction. And none of you can stop me.

3. Watch Sons Of Anarchy. Because Charlie Hunnam. And attempt Queer as Folk. Because bb!Charlie Hunnam.
Rob, bb, I love you more, but nothing on this planet will ever make me watch Eastenders or True Blood. Sorry. 

4. Catch up with Qubool Hai! I actually haven't watched it in over a month because I didn't want to get all caught up in my feelings and be unable to study. ...but then Pacific Rim happened and shot that all to hell, so.

5. BAKE. DO YOU KNOW HOW LONG IT HAS BEEN SINCE I BAKED ANYTHING. I miss it. Also just realized I'm one of those people who do stress-baking. Stressed out? Bake a cake. Eat it. Goodbye stress.
(this explains why I can never lose weight ok)

6. Play the piano again. Okay so I've been promising myself I'd do this at the end of every semester but this time I'm going to do it for real okay. I've sorely missed my music. 

7. Take a roadtrip with these four amazing peoples. *fingers crossed* I've put my earlier (earlier-in-the-year) dreams of taking an overseas trip away in some dark dusty corner okay so I can have this one roadtrip ok please. I can have this one thing before we have to start working.

8. Finally give Jea Mie her bedazzled red toilet seat.

9. Make fanmixes. For Chuck Hansen. And for Chuck and Raleigh. And for Chuck and Herc. And for all my Pacific Rim babies basically.

10. Sleep in. Every single day until I start working.

11. Write everyday. For practice. I've sorely missed writing as well. Thank you medschool for taking that away from me.

Pretty sure there's a list of movies I wanted to watch. Let me see..

12. Movie List :
   - Serendipity (yes I'm about 128132781237 years too late, sue me)
   - Silver Linings Playbook
   - Barfi
   - Lootera 
   - Pacific Rim again, whenever there's a HD copy out
   - The Mortal Instruments

Can't think of any more right now.

And. that is pretty much it.
I probably had more things that I wanted to do, but I honestly can't remember any of them right now.

Back to studying it is, then.
Rheumato. Bleargh.

Pray for me my dears.
I really do need to just finish medschool.


p.s. I will reply everyone's emails after Thursday ok? Presuming I pass. I love you alllll :3


Thursday, 18 July 2013

Portfolio Update #(what number are we on?)

...because obviously you guys want to know what's going on with my portfolios, right?
(even if you don't, I want to blog about it ok so there)

so the thing is, 
after weeks and weeks of procrastination..

Technically I finished it on Tuesday night but it didn't occur to me to blog about it at the time so...

Just corrections left.
And then compiling.

And then just studying left.

Holy shit.
Just one month more.
I'm torn between wanting more time to study and just wanting to get this whole thing over with.

I can graduate this time around, right?

Also been listening to Lullaby on repeat over the past few days.
The first time I watched the MV, I cried.


But yeah anyway, 


I have completely lost my concept of time.

..did that sentence even make sense?



Sunday, 7 July 2013

Portfolio Update #45


*insert Hallelujah chorus here*

Just one more goddamn portfolio to do before I can submit the whole thing.
Effing finally.

I've decided the reason I procrastinate so much on my portfolios is because I don't want to study.
Once I finish my portfolios, then I have to sit down and study, you see.

And God knows I really, really don't want to sit down and study.

I'll reply all the comments the next time I blog ok? ok.
I'm going to go sleep until tomorrow now.


Saturday, 29 June 2013



So I typed out the post below a few hours ago, 
and then decided to just scroll down the blog to just skim over the past few posts, 
and then I just had to click on that procrastination video ... and ended up on a youtubing spree. 

So much for starting my portfolio today.

The truth is, I quite simply have lost motivation.
Just two more portfolios left,
yet to be honest,
I just can't be bothered to get a move on them. 

No mood to study either.
6 weeks to the exam.

Not quite sure how we went from 6 months to just 6 weeks to be honest.
I guess I owe most of that to the current group I'm with.
I could write out a long, sappy paragraph about how I've grown to love them (actually I did, then I deleted it), but well.

Suffice to say that I do love them, and I'll miss them terribly when all this is over. 

Okay so I don't know where I was going with this post either.

Just feel the constant need to type and let out all my emotionsss~ nowadays.

Was telling my mother the other day about how one of the boys in the group seemed really passionate about Engineering,
and her response was something along the lines of :

"Then why did his parents force him? If he's passionate about it, and he's good at it, then why force him into medicine? Why take away so many years of his life making him do medicine first?"

..hypocrite much, mummy dearest?

I could have been good at something else.
Instead I'm stuck trying desperately to finish a course that has ruined my self-esteem and completely broken me in spirit.

Don't you wish you had my life?

*curls up in blanket and hibernates until the end of time*


Friday, 28 June 2013

Random Update #254637

Remember when I used to speak/type like an idiot with very poor grammar, on purpose, and when I used to create new words all the time? (i.s. the whole of 2008)
Good times, good times.

Also I happen to have developed a really stupid crush AND gotten myself into a totally Mujhse Dosti Karoge type situation where I'm playing Rani Mukherjee's character.
Say whaaaat?
I have an exam in 6 weeks oh my god I shouldn't be having time for this.

Here's a link to the Mujhse Dosti Karoge wiki page :!
just so you know what I'm talking about and can sympathize with me accordingly.

Aaaaand here is Henry Cavill being outraged that I'm recommending Wikipedia as a credible info source.

(okay so I just really wanted his face on my blog)

(sorry not sorry)




Obviously I've totally lost the point of this post..

Wanted to do a Man of Steel review, 
because of reasons (HENRY CAVILL)
...but I watched it over a week ago, and meh.
I'll probably do one after I'm done with my assignment, if only because its another excuse to have Henry Cavill's perfection of a face on my blog.




Saturday, 15 June 2013

In Need of Professional Help

Sometimes I like to pretend I'm a famous internet personality and I can just come here and rant about my day and lots of people will actually care.


I have no idea what I'm doing with my life.
*cricket buzz*

..doesn't that sound awfully familiar? 

Right so, 
Portfolio saga story!

Because I still haven't finished my surgical portfolio.

See what I mean by I need professional help?

So anyway, I finally wrote up like half the case (in a very haphazard manner, mind you) on Tuesday? and then yesterday (Thursday) I finally decided I had to get a move on my portfolio and typed out like two learning issues.
Took me all of 15 minutes.
I swear to God, if I didn't get so distracted all the time, I would finish all of my work in like 0.00005th of the time it takes me to complete my work now.

..that sentence probably didn't make sense but its like 2.30am and I'm wrestling with my conscience over my unfinished portfolio so I have no time to reread long-winded sentences on this blog post okay.

I was supposed to finish my portfolio tonight, 
and then get down to studying.

I have a fucking exam on Tuesday.


To be fair, they told us about it on Monday - which ideally, would have given us about a week to prepare..
...but considering I still haven't finished my portfolio, 
I'm left with about 3 days to revise all of Psych, Internal Med and Ortho.
Isn't it fun when you're told a week in advance about an exam, but everyone thinks its a great idea not to tell you which postings you're going to be tested on?

Should have finished my portfolio tonight; there really isn't much left to do - two learning issues and major editing, 
which would probably take me about half an hour IF (big IF) I don't procrastinate.

Which is obviously not going to happen.


To sleep or to plough on and write rubbish while sleep-deprived?

Sleep it is.

Thank you for wasting precious minutes of your life to read this post.
I'd also appreciate it if you could waste a few more seconds clicking the ads on the right --->

Good night!

Can't I just go to sleep and wake up in September or something?


Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Rock bottom