Friday, 8 February 2013

The Emperor Syndrome

Remember how I said I was watching a daily hindi soap?

And remember how I'm always whining about how lazy my brother is, and how he gets treated like a king?

Came across this one scene in that soap that made me laugh.
It's crazy how accurately they depict
how Indian mothers treat their sons.

Its in hindi so I'm just going to give you a gist of what's happening :
Basically the girl in blue is staying over at her relatives' house (the other two women in the video) and they're watching this old B&W movie about some Emperor, 
and the girl says something along the lines of  

"What kind of life must the Emperor have had, my God. Must be so nice to have people wait on you like that! But who gets treated like that nowadays?" (not verbatim, just a gist)

...and then her relatives' son comes home, and've gotta see it.

(watch until 1.04  - the rest of it is just stuff related to the drama)


I swear to God and all that is sacred, that my mother does EXACTLY what the mother in this scene does.
Right down to wiping the glass down before handing it to him.

And then I decided to play the video for my mother, 
and she actually laughs out loud and goes
"Eh! But I do this for your brother too!"


And then she says "I treat you like this too" - pause - "actually no, not really"

Yes. No, not really, You do not treat me the way you treat your son. 

And then my brother comes home right at that moment, 

and I'm still grumbling to my mother about how she doesn't love me as much as she loves her son, 

..and while I'm grumbling, I'm holding out my hand for my brother's dirty socks so I can put them in the laundry bin, 
and then I wash my hands and take out cake from the fridge and cut him a piece, 
and then pour iced water for him, 
and set it all down in front of him and ask him if he wants anything else, 

...and when I'm done, my mother's just sitting there smirking at me.



Indian men really do get treated like they're Emperors of the World.
My brother does, anyway.
So does my dad, but he's forgiven because he's my father.




 p.s. Isn't the guy really cute? I'm in love.


  1. O.O

    Holy fuck. I'm speechless.

    1. yeah-huh. This is why I keep whining about double standards.