Saturday, 29 June 2013



So I typed out the post below a few hours ago, 
and then decided to just scroll down the blog to just skim over the past few posts, 
and then I just had to click on that procrastination video ... and ended up on a youtubing spree. 

So much for starting my portfolio today.

The truth is, I quite simply have lost motivation.
Just two more portfolios left,
yet to be honest,
I just can't be bothered to get a move on them. 

No mood to study either.
6 weeks to the exam.

Not quite sure how we went from 6 months to just 6 weeks to be honest.
I guess I owe most of that to the current group I'm with.
I could write out a long, sappy paragraph about how I've grown to love them (actually I did, then I deleted it), but well.

Suffice to say that I do love them, and I'll miss them terribly when all this is over. 

Okay so I don't know where I was going with this post either.

Just feel the constant need to type and let out all my emotionsss~ nowadays.

Was telling my mother the other day about how one of the boys in the group seemed really passionate about Engineering,
and her response was something along the lines of :

"Then why did his parents force him? If he's passionate about it, and he's good at it, then why force him into medicine? Why take away so many years of his life making him do medicine first?"

..hypocrite much, mummy dearest?

I could have been good at something else.
Instead I'm stuck trying desperately to finish a course that has ruined my self-esteem and completely broken me in spirit.

Don't you wish you had my life?

*curls up in blanket and hibernates until the end of time*



  1. Oh, I wanna curl up and hibernate, too! Can I come over?

    Youtube spree... IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT! Now I'm constantly watching her videos! Dammit. ;-)

    1. Yes! You're more than welcome.
      We can hibernate and watch Superwoman videos all day. :D