Saturday, 18 February 2012

Introducing Ali Zafar to the family

This is one of the few posts on this blog that is aptly titled ok.
Took me long enough to figure a proper title out.

Story timeeeee :D

Was supposed to help in the kitchen this morning,
and I was...
...only halfway through I was getting really bored, so I decided to blast some music.

My mother's A-OK with that kind of thing
(she even has a radio in the kitchen ok)
but then we discovered that the only audio CDs we had lying around were those of devotional songs.
And my dad had moved all the cars out in the morning so we could sweep the porch, and I was faaaaar too lazy (as usual) to walk out of the house to grab a CD from one of the cars,
but we really wanted music,

I ended up putting a couple of my Ali Zafar songs into a pendrive and plugging it into the radio.


My mother fell in love.


No seriously.
After like two songs, she was like "which movie is this from?"

And I'm like uhhh. They're not from a movie...they're by that Pakistani singer...

What Pakistani sing..oh that one you have on your laptop?? (she means my laptop wallpaper)




He's really good though.

What. Did you just.. what?

He sings in hindi too huh? I thought he'd sing in Urdu since he's Pakistani.

But so modern the songs!

Burn for me!

Burn for me! Why you never burn for me nice songs? These songs are so nice. Burn for me!

the entire time,
I'm just standing there with my mouth open like an idiot and the only thing going through my brain is


And then somehow I manage to find my voice again,
and then I start telling her about how he's now into Bollywood and how he's got a new movie coming out and how he composed the entire soundtrack and sang most of the songs,

and she's like "Wah. Really?"

And then I play the LPNY songs for her,
and she's like

Wow. He's got talent.


And he's so handsome summore!

Indeed, mother, indeed.

She makes me put this song on repeat.
The whole morning.

I know I've posted this before, but I have to post it again ok because of ALL his songs she likes THIS one.

She really is making me burn a CD of his songs for her,
and an identical one for my brother because she's sure he'd like them too.


This is my laptop wallpaper btw :

I'm actually still a bit surprised.


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  1. The video is full of weird people. O.o One girl is always looking slighty annoyed, cuz comeone just bumped into her and I laughed about the fattie, who had this guy dancing for her. :-D
    So. Now that your mother likes him you can tell her you will marry him. :-P

  2. Ahahaha. Well, its from a movie, so I suppose there's some backstory about the annoyed girl and the fattie and that guy...but honestly I only care about Ali singing on stage, so. :DDDDD
    Yes! I'm planning to. I'm sure she'd approve, as long as she never finds out he's already married. with a kid. mm-hmm. :p